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Wyspiański's Herbal

13 April 2007  -  2 September 2007

Szołayski House, ul. Szczepańska 11

In the Wyspiański Year the National Museum in Cracow is staging a unique art and botany exhibition. The key concept behind the exhibition is to confront Stanisław Wyspiański’s plant drawings from his Herbal (a sketchbook created, for the most part, in spring and summer 1896 during the artist’s outings to neighbourhoods outside Cracow) with contemporary plein air photographs of the same plants. The photographs have been taken by the initiator of the exhibition, Łukasz Woźniak, and Renata and Marek Kosiński, as well as Marcin Nobis and Marian Szewczyk. Wyspiański’s great love for plants is clear form the words of his cousin: „…Amongst flowers he spends time, works and lives, intoxicated by their scent. He brings ever new fresh specimens from his daily walks outside the city… How beautiful his studio was then… In the glow of the summer sun, the walls are hung up with pictures in the green spotlights of wild and woodland flowers… Flowers are there in such great numbers that they cast their shadows on paintings. They keep changing: every day fresh ones are brought.”

The show is intended to explore a less known strain in Stanisław Wyspiański’s creative oeuvre and to address an interesting natural history issue: how the flora in Cracow and its neighbourhood has changed since a hundred years ago, when the artist made sketches for his Herbal. It may be no less fascinating for the visitor to reflect upon whether or not, and if so, how much, Wyspiański relied on identification guides, and how much he drawings were an effect of his own observation from nature. Also, to what extent he stylised the plants he made drawings of.

The exhibition also surveys floristician’s tools and methods, and includes a series of cards with plant drawings made by a botanist.




Adults: PLN 8

Concessions: PLN 4


Information and group reservation (+4812) 292 81 83-5



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Karty z "Zielnika" Stanisława Wyspiańskiego, wł. Muzeum Narodowe w Krakowie
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