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Sukiennice in Niepołomice

Simultaneously with making the decision about the renovation of the Sukiennice, the management of the National Museum in Cracow started to search for a suitable place to move the Gallery of 19th-Century Polish Art and the artworks kept in the storage rooms. When planning to relocate the more than 1,500 pieces of art, the National Museum in Cracow made a point of selecting a single, appropriately safeguarded and equipped place to deposit the art objects for the period of renovation. The bottom line was to make sure the collection of the Gallery of 19th-Century Polish Art is not buried in storage rooms for a few years but remains accessible for the public.

The National Museum in Cracow has been given hospitality by the town of Niepołomice, which made the rooms of the first floor of the Royal Castle, the former residence of the Piast and Jagiellonian Dynasties, available for the exhibition purposes.

Especially for the Gallery, 17 exhibition rooms and 3 storage rooms have been prepared.

The preparation works in the Gallery rooms were done in accordance with the guidelines of the National Museum in Cracow and their effect is both attractive arrangement and a system of modern technical solutions ensuring proper conditions for the exhibition, storage and prevention of the collection and fulfilling the current conservation requirements.

The imposing area of about 1000 m², has also created an opportunity for showing a much larger part of the collection of paintings and sculptures than the one fitted in the exhibition space of the Sukiennice. The exhibition presented in the Niepołomice Museum comprises of 450 paintings and 48 sculptures, in comparison to the Sukiennice exhibition consisting of 250 paintings and 21 sculptures.

However, in Niepołomice we will not see the three largest paintings from the Sukiennice: ‘The Torch of Nero’ (Pochodnia Nerona) by Henryk Siemiradzki and ‘The Prussian Homage’ (Hołd pruski) and ‘The Battle of Racławice’ (Bitwa pod Racławicami) by Jan Matejko. The immense size of the paintings do not fit within the dimensions of the Castle interiors. ‘The Prussian Homage’, owned by the Royal Castle of Wawel, will undergo a thorough conservation treatment during that period, performed by a group of experts of the Royal Castle of Wawel and the National Museum in Cracow. While the two other paintings, for the time of the Sukiennice renovation, will be received and made accessible for the public by the National Museum in Poznań.


The Gallery of 19th-Century Polish Art in the Royal Castle of Niepołomice can be visited 7 days a week from 10am to 6 pm

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